Our Staff

Robby Painter

Area Director

Brentwood High Team Leader 

Tel: 615-714-6907

Email: Robbypainter@gmail.com


Brent Perry

Franklin and Independence Team Leader

Tel: 865-705-7844

Email: Brentperry1@gmail.com

Laurel Owens

Capernaum Team Leader

Tel: 757-635-0060

Email: laurelannaowens@gmail.com

Ryan Burnett

BGA Team Leader

Tel: 865-696-6869

Email: Rburnet5@gmail.com

Lindsay Frail

BA Team Leader

Tel: 615-545-7831

Email: Lfrail@gmail.com

Adam McCravy

Ravenwood Team Leader

Tel: 731-571-2256

Email: Adammccravy@gmail.com

Eve Sarrett

Centennial Team Leader

Tel: 615-351-2733

Email: Evesarrett@gmail.com

Katie Painter

Admin and Communications

Tel: 615-519-1119

Email: Katiepainter8@gmail.com



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